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The GastroAdvisor Team would like to say “Thank you” to all the supporters, investors and who believed in us, in our project, and in the project we are developing. No one of our results would have been possible without your help and your unconditional trust.

 The platform is almost ready! Stay tuned for more updates! Thank you!

About Us

GastroAdvisor is building the first global recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on blockchain Ethereum. GastroAdvisor connects restaurants and customers through FORK token, rewarding users for their contributions and creating a reliable platform for informations and reviews of restaurants around the world.

How does it work

Watch a video introduction

What can you do

Find and discover the best gastronomies and let yourself be advised by the artificial intelligence

3 types of reviews. Bronze, Silver and Gold certified reviews and saved on Blockchain

Have fun with the first social network dedicated to gastronomy, share your recipes, photos and culinary moments

The more you participate the more you earn, spend tokens to go to dinner

Book as you wish. Call or use the online booking system

Detect your activities and discover the services dedicated to you


The mission of GastroAdvisor is primarily to help restaurant owners and users to improve their online experience and to introduce them to accept and allow payments of a consumption through Cryptocurrency. There are many problems in this sector because of fake reviews flooding the Web with a few solutions dedicated to restaurant owners and online exisisting gastronomies, to date Cryptocurrency as Bitcoin and Ethereum are exchanged and accepted at thousands of sites online, but you can hardly use it for daily expenses and real activities. GastroAdvisor is trying to make real use and payment in Crypto. Thousands of companies will be able to take advantage of the dedicated awards noting the online booking service and accepting payment via BTC,

Problems encountered

  • Specialization in the sector
  • Overload of information
  • Fake review problems
  • Acquisition of new customers and online booking
  • Limited Cryptocurrency acceptance

GastroAdvisor web platform and APP IOS / AndroidSolutions for Users

Search engine

A search engine connected to an artificial intelligence that learns from your tastes and advises, the first search engine specifically designed and optimized to easily find the best places in your surroundings.

Social Network

Join the social network, share your dining experiences with your friends, insert or discover restaurants, recipes, events, announcements and participate in the first community dedicated entirely to gastronomy.

Solutions for restaurateurs

Simple and targeted systems to control your restaurant, solutions and features designed by a team of experts to keep up with the time. Enhance your restaurant and keep everything under control with a few clicks

Token benefit

An industry that knows no crisis

The gourmet market

“A research by Bocconi for Host 2017 analyzed the trends and the developments in the sector. Over 325 thousand companies produce one-seventh of all EU revenue. The increasing consumption of food outside home, the growth of local excellence and street food. Today the internet is increasingly used to choose where to eat “

150 mln

the dining establishments in the world

2.5 tld

The turnover of restaurants in Euro in 2017

30 mln

Users Active in the food blogger sector and beyond

72 mln

Photos published by users every day on food


Watch a video introduction

What is GastroAdvisor?

GastroAdvisor is the only platform dedicated to restaurants that will forever change the era
of social food. With GastroAdvisor you can discover the best places to enjoy your favorite
dishes, book a table online, pay with cryptocurrency, review restaurants, share your
experience and earn!

What is GastroAdvisor's mission?

GastroAdvisor wants to help restaurateurs and customers improve their online experience,
and help increase the spread of cryptocurrency payments.

How do you solve the problem of outdated information?

By introducing rewards through the FORK token, users of GastroAdvisor.com will be
encouraged to add new restaurants and to update already existing data by decentralizing the
database update activity, complete and reliable data is always updated in real time.

How do you solve the excess of unrelated search results?

The results provided by GastroAdvisor are not limited to the filters used for the search:
through the use of artificial intelligence techniques such as Deep Learning, GastroAdvisor
analyzes the reviews, the chronology of the activities, the past searches, the “likes” and
follower, to provide the user with those results that best matches their personal profile.

How does the use of cryptocurrencies improve?

GastroAdvisor allows the simple management of payments using the Fork token and other
cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum: through the online wallet integrated on the
platform, users can view, transfer, and even convert their funds between different currencies,
simply and without having to use complicated currency exchange sites.

How do you solve the problem of fake reviews?

GastroAdvisor uses three review levels, called “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”, which have a
different weights for the calculation of the final mark for each restaurant.

How do the "Bronze" level reviews work?

The “Bronze” level reviews can be written by any GastroAdvisor user for each restaurant.

How do the "Silver" reviews work?

The “Silver” level reviews can only be written for those restaurants where the user has
actually paid, after having booked through the GA platform. A “Silver” review has a greater
weight on the final rating of a restaurant.

How do the "Gold" reviews work?

“Gold” level reviews can only be written for those restaurants where the user has paid with
the FORK token. The Gold review is associated with the payment transaction and
subsequently a reward will be credited to both, the restaurant that received the payment, and
a reward to the user who has booked, paid and reviewed through the GA platform. A “Gold”
review has the maximum weight in the calculation of the final rating of a restaurant.

What advantages do restaurateurs have by using GastroAdvisor?

Upon joining GastroAdvisor, restaurants receive a reward in the form of a FORK token.
Through the official website they have access to an online platform both, to manage the
activity (menus, reservations, promotions, etc …) and to view, transfer or even convert their
cryptocurrencies in a simple way and without having to use other means of exchange.

How is the payment for GastroAdvisor’s services?

The reimbursement of services by GastroAdvisor to the restaurateurs is also in FORK
tokens, in the form of a commission that is automatically deducted when the customers use
the same token.

How to participate in the bounty program?

Go to the alpha.bounty0x.io website directly from your browser or from the link on the
website www.GastroAdvisor.com, register on the platform (bounty0x) and search for
GastroAdvisor, and take part in the bounty you prefer.

How to buy the token?

The token FORK can be purchased by registering on the website www.GastroAdvisor.com, via FRIENDSFINGERS Platform or via the w12 system W-FORK
You can use BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
BTC: Payment through a special wallet
ETH: By sending it to the appropriate address of the SmartContract

Why buy the token?

Users who will use the platform will have all the advantages brought by the FORK token,
from discounts on the services offered by GA, to the possibility of paying their dinner in
Thanks to the token you will also have the possibility to write CERTIFIED reviews through
FORK is a token, and as such its value is however given by the market volumes and by the
progress of the platform itself. There will also be surprises for the token holder.

The SocialFood

Thanks to the SocialFood GastroAdvisor makes everything simpler. Share a photo of a dish,
a recipe, an event, write a quick review and join the community dedicated to food.
Inside the SocialFood users and restaurateurs will be able to share their gastronomic
experiences, comment or ask for advice from other users, up to great chefs.



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