Downloading the GastroAdvisor App you can easily search for restaurants around you, take advantage of free and paid functions and services, book and review your favorite restaurants.
Yes, the app is free, the GastroAdvisor system allows you to use the search engine and the classic functions for free.
The booking system allows you to book any restaurant within the portal with an easy click, enter the time, number of people and the date of the visit, we'll take care of the rest.
Subscribing to the GastroAdvisor services you can use the book now online function. GastroAdvisor is the first online system that allows you to book in any restaurant, free from calls and waiting on the phone, book your table immediately and save time and stress
Fork Token is a cryptocurrency used as a reward for the GastroAdvisor system, for more information visit the following page. FORK token.

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